Familiar Filters


Elevator Time

Elevator Time is an abstract collection of footage from the life of Robbie Tanizawa. It is a slightly cyclical work centering on an elevator opening and sending you back to the beginning, but not really. It was mostly a process, I enjoy making things, whether they are worth something or not, I just like to make things and I will continue to do so.

_____< Linear                  ______< Nonlinear                      <_X__ Cyclical

It is only really one single loop going into the elevator and then reappearing where you began (but this time there’s a guy surfing). I did not want a simple linear narrative and so I went 180 and did an abstract/experimental cyclical piece.

______< Descriptive                      ______< Abstraction                        _X_<Experimental

I did not really know what to do with the video and did not really want too much correlation in between the sounds and the video other than the elevator, which I timed up.

Audio Process

I gathered a lot of sounds either individually or for long periods of time and I listened to the stack of them and organized them. I did not create a true narrative or even a real attempt at making it I built by taking sounds out. I had some music in it at first, and I tried to crush the sound so it was not really music but it was to melodious to use in familiar filters so I took it out.  I added reverb and panning on the doors. I also messed with the elevator sounds and bit-crushed sounds. The main climax/interesting part of the video is the elevator which I made sound like a spaceship. There are also sounds of me riding my bike from class in the rain, a new testament marathon (reading), the medieval fair and people saying “do you want corn-dogs?” After the critique I added another layer of sounds, I kept the original and added a different soundscape that I made earlier and matched the elevator silence to the piece.  It was more musical and added a layer of ambience and depth to the audio.

Visual Process

I recorded walking around a few places and used the video of me walking to the art school and overlaid a few pictures and stuff. I wanted to make weird door butterflies but it was extremely awkward to animate them to match the door sounds so I took them back out. The main point from where the video branched out was the elevator. This was the focal/turning point of the whole video project. Before it is mostly just a video of me walking to the art school, then after the doors reopen it goes back to walking to the art school but with a guy surfing and some water dripping as if you went back in time, or into a different dimension.

I didn’t change anything after critique.

Here are the pieces I used to create the video

night clock after work-2plant fire


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