Crystalized 2 Crystalized

Crystal Tennis crystal tennis2

Crystalize the Firehail!

Version two and I think the rest of the tumblr

This is a soundscape of the existing sound within and surrounding the Firehouse Arts Center. It is not really composed, rather I just wanted a drone of preexisting noise and conversations that you don’t really have to listen to, but you can if you want. The main overlaying sound I created using guitar, and to be honest doesn’t really fit with the rest of the noise on a conceptual scale, but It adds ambience to the piece and I feel like it is much more listenable with it. It creates more of an atmosphere, rather than just a playback of sounds.

The process for creating this piece began when I was taking photographs for Intro to Photo. I realized this would be a perfect place to record after noticing a strange sound of someone moving a heavy object in the rooms above, from then on I recorded off and on as I took photos and walked back to the dorms. I layered these sounds with a recording of my friends talking during a hailstorm while I fell asleep. This was quite interesting because I was asleep for a lot of their conversations but now I’ve heard it. As a final piece I recorded myself playing guitar with a continuous delay. I have been playing and using this technique for a while, it creates a more abstract loop without having to buy a loop stomp-box, which is nice because I don’t have one. I panned many of the sounds as they flowed, the moving of the furniture or whatever it was, the cars, and the game of tennis. The tennis was very fun to pan as it really made the space come alive. I tried dropping the high end on some sounds, but think the sounds got a little lost in the mix, which I think worked out.

I really did not have a specific intention going into this piece, it originated as a study of the area and finding interesting sounds. As I built I guess it is more of a documentation of my experience.  The first time I went there it was sunny outside and pretty nice. I found a couple playing tennis, a rapper from Lionz Gang  Music, and the statue Crystalized. All of these things I found intriguing.  As I took photos I wanted to take more of Crystalized in different lighting and went back the next week at around 9:30 pm and it began to rain, it was very beautiful, but not very good physically since I was in shorts. The Thunder at the end I guess signals this oncoming rain and signifies an end of the sunny time, or maybe to some it could be spring. The rain, tennis, and people talking and having fun.

I would like to create a gallery with different material “rooms” or segments in which you wander through. I would enjoy having four speakers in the corners and having the audio loop playing through two diagonal from each other at a time and looping to the next two and continuing back and forth. I feel like it would be interesting to have spaces that distort the sound greatly and it could be funny to have a small racquetball style room in which you get to listen to the tennis.



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