Culture Jam

©Jeremy & Claire Weiss Photography / Day19
Attempt 5 v25 Pepsi on the Wall

257_Pepsi_LiveForNow_OOHLaunch_FNL_HIRES-21 Meth long term use pepsi-live-for-now-1-1024-29917 tumblr_mbs0wjTejF1qea6f7o1_1280

This is the newest ad line by Pepsi company. I enjoyed the advertising and the appeal it had to youth and to being young and free, but I decided to twist it and see what it could mean if we took it a little bit further. What gives the most pleasure right now? Well sex, drugs, and rock and roll was the first thing that crossed my mind. and well this is what ended up happening. The destruction of a future for the present. the photoshop work was fairly simple, for cutting out the backgrounds I selected the whites and then reversed the selection and took out what was in the frames.  I then replaced the pictures other than those of the pepsi products.

2 League of Legendsleague facts ad Well, this is League of Legends, an awesome yet terrifyingly addictive video game which I play. We always make jokes about how long each game lasts and how we are never really satisfied by playing a round or two, and so it becomes “one more game” like a conductor “one more time” really means at least five more. But unlike a tough bar or two that you need to repeat, its a 20 -90 minute game.

If you win it’s “Man I’m doing good today, I’ma play another one”. If you lost it’s simply a weak attempt at vengeance and or redemption, and yet we enjoy this XD and we will continue to play this.

The photoshop work of the logo was very tiring. I started with the original logo, cut out the LEGENDS with the pen tool and cut out the spaces in between, which I probably didn’t have to do. Creating the metallic texture and embossing was interesting and took a bit of time to create. I used a mix of Photoshop and Illustrator for the text.

league-of-legends-logo attempt 2 1 2 3 4 5 6


3 Better I pad Mini on Billboard 3 Ipad Mini 4 macbook I'm cheap  1 College Board


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