Faux History


The first step of creating a false history. This doesn’t really have a meaning, rather it is just pieces that fit. A shot fired at a victim? a criminal trying to escape? why are there not any other people? I created this piece with only the two separate images. There are a few ways I could have gone about creating the very narrow focus. The one I chose was to create 3 separate layers of the background and blur them accordingly and erase out the parts I wanted clear. I also could have created a effects layer over the whole image and masked out a specific area, but that didn’t seem very efficient at the time so I did what I did.

private-security-contractor-carrying-out-a-live-fire-transitional-shoot-from-assault-rifle-to-pistol-afghanistan Dorfstraße, Berka, Thüringen, DDR, 1977

the left is a photo of a Private practicing live assault rifle to pistol exchange in Afghanistan. The right I have absolutely no idea.


New Yorkattempt3v2

These are my attempts at creating a weird self invasion. It is American troops from World War 2 and a picture of New York. It is a very simple work only having two layers and minimal work to blend the two, I used blurring and levels to match the tones.

new-york-manhattan-gratte-ciel_SD Approaching_Omaha New-York-skyscrapers-sea-clouds

These are the pieces I used to create the images above.


Trolley-- New Orleans, 1955

This is the most complex piece that I created. It has a few small narratives running through it. Commenting slightly on and more so just addressing some issues of women, over and under the counter drugs, and his marriage. There is also a weird little part of Dovima who was one of the most famous models in the 50’s who ended up working at a cafe later in life due to marital and financial circumstances. I guess I wanted to comment on the strangeness of fame, and that at the end of the day they’re just people.

There is a lot of eraser and pen tool used to cut out pieces and  and brightness/contrast,  Levels, Dodge, and Burn tools to create the lighting and shading. I did not change the Kennedy’s bodies, partially because I forgot, and when I was told of it it seemed fitting that they have black hands. I don’t really know if it is commenting on reality of bills passed or of how they treated people, but I liked it.

jackie_kennedy jackie-kennedy-as-a-baby-photo-i-did-drawing-of kennedy-child ass_JFK_Motorcade_Big gil-elvgren-pinup_4 3822128002_d452099ba6_o Trolley-- New Orleans, 1955 hist_us_20_cold_war_pic_jfk_ eisenhower_1961

these are some of the pieces that I used to create the image above.


things I find interesting.


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